Guest Artists

Guest artists in RAMA’s Residency and General Programs.

Guest artist Susana Mendes Silva in conversation with curator João Silvério
December 12th at 5pm
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Photography credits to Antónia Gaeta

Her work incorporates elements of research and archival practice that leads to the creation of works whose historical and political references become visible as exhibitions, actions and performances that employ a wide variety of media. 

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Guest artist Cecília Costa in conversation with curator João Silvério
November 7th, at 5pm
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"through various media such as drawing, sculpture, video and installation, her work has focused on the relationship between art and science, a fact to which her dual academic training in mathematics and visual arts will not be unrelated".

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Guest artist Ana Vidigal in conversation with curator João Silvério

24 October at 5pm
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“Ana Vidigal uses painting, collage, assemblage and installation as processes of decontextualization and reconfiguration of images taken from various sources, exploring social and political values, talking about time and the memories they carry.”

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Guest artist Cristina Ataíde in conversation with curator João Silvério

21 September at 5pm
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"Her work, often made on a journey, transits between sculpture and drawing, photography and video. Her concern with nature and its preservation is one of the characteristics of her work and research".

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