Photo credit: Vera Marmelo

19 September, at 3:30 pm, we will receive a visit from the curator and programmer Susana Pomba to the exhibition "Uma certa prática da atenção“ with artworks by artists from RAMA Art Residency.

We invite the public to visit with us the exhibition accompanied by our guest Susana Pomba, with the curator of the exhibition and curator of RAMA, Ana Anacleto, with artists participating in the exhibition and with Paulo Brighenti RAMA’s coordinator.


Susana Pomba 

She is the founder and coordinator of the project “É um Oceano,”, a living archive through an equitable artistic medium. She was responsible for the exhibition “A Oficina de Pintura Encarregar-se-á das Partes Pintadas do Cenário” (2019) at Galeria Quadrum; for the Old School events (2011-2018, 50 editions) in the cultural space of Teatro Praga; and for the exhibition O dia pela noite (2010–2012) at the Lux Frágil nightclub. He has collaborated for over 20 years with various publications and cultural institutions, through writing texts and essays, editing, translation, and photography.