Artists in Residence

Artists from the Residency Program and the Mentorship program for non residents

David Correia Gonçalves


"...I seek a space to focus. Concentrate. A place that instead of receiving, or imposing images created by someone - posters, advertising, traffic lights with facades as background, I can relate to the most natural, the least touched. The stones, the frost, the night, not having to climb stairs or take advantage of lifts to move vertically. Time. What will leave here? From these dynamics concentrated in space and time ? Good things have no name. "

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Patrícia Timóteo


"...continue the work, related to collage, drawing, impermanence of the exhibition. Concentration (immersion), decision, economy of gesture, are other subjects that I value and I want to continue working. In this time of residence I try to deepen the ability to listen ...make it more and more ...precise. I also hope that this reflection - training - will bring us all new impressions in sharing with other artists, curators, RAMA collaborators and the local community. The place, the silence and the surrounding nature of Maceira transmit me quietness to work".

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Diogo Magro Viegas

October / November / December

“My work consists in recreating natural or manufactured objects, providing concepts of appropriation of elements that we consider an exception to our practices, whose toxic and prone to oppressive approach reveals a feeling of strangeness and disconnection in our habitat. In RAMA project, I intend to integrate myself in a more environmental context, using my coexistence with an unknown territory, which may result in different ways of acting and thinking. ”

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HElena Valsecchi

October / November

"Through a reflection on painting in a broader perspective, including pictorial installation and, in it, physical phenomena such as shadows and reflections, I’m investigating the dimensions of life / death / sacred / memory through the rhetoric of the double, and their experience in the contemporary context. During my residency at RAMA, I intend to deepen these aspects in the local dimension, through a specific research on the region’s museology and history. "

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Silvia Pallini

September / October / November

"I see nature as a home, a single being, a unity, indivisible, ... in RAMA, with the territory understood as nature, craftsmen and farmers, to be able to develop and create materials such as paints and coal and other natural products derived from the agricultural process that can be reused in pictorial research"

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