Photography Credits to Eduardo Sousa Ribeiro

RAMA – Art Residency is located in the municipality of Torres Vedras, in the west part of Portugal. Aimed at research and experimentation by national and international artists, researchers and curators, it promotes the interaction between professionals and the crossing of artistic practices, the sharing of experiences and knowledge, and relationship with the local community, culture, crafts and traditional knowledge, and with the region’s history and landscape.

RAMA, as part of a rural landscape in Maceira village, parish of Dois Portos, and Alfeiria village, parish of Carvoeira e Carmões, intends to develop as an advanced research center in the arts’ field and at the intersection with science and education, looking for ideas for sustainability, ecology and the balance between systems.

Residencies last from 1 to 4 months or for longer periods depending on the nature of the projects. Residency programs with mentorship and studio visits are customized to each project in a specialized and immersive working environment.

  • The Artistic Residency program with accommodation and studio, or with studio space only, can host up to 4 artists simultaneously, in each Residency period.
  • The Mentorship program for non residents program in the artists' private studios, is open to a limited number of artists, depending on the projects nature submitted through the application, in each residency period.

RAMA is located at about 40 minutes driving from Lisbon’s center and from the airport, between the municipalities of Torres Vedras, Sobral de Monte Agraço, Arruda dos Vinhos and Alenquer, and it is served by highways, public transport, post office, commerce and services.