Graphic Walks propose a map designed from the perspective of the creators, of the territory located in the Parishes of Dois Portos and Runa and of Carvoeira and Carmões in the Municipality of Torres Vedras, and on the west coast in the Parish of Atouguia da Baleia in the Municipality of Peniche.

The map/archive is composed by the diversity of ways of seeing, hearing and feeling, recorded by the creators in the walks carried out, online and in person, with different techniques in drawing, writing, photography, painting, film and sound.

This dynamic map is constantly being updated with the introduction of new records created by participants in future and past hikes, based on their personal views, real or fictional, on the paths and places of this territory made common, accessible to the communities that inhabit and to people who live in distant geographies.

This project was supported by Ministry of Culture's Garantir Cultura Program.

Conception and coordination: Paulo Brighenti

Coordination and production: HElena Valsecchi