Artistic Residency


The Program applies to two types of Artistic Residency:

- Residency with studio and accommodation, which includes the complete Residency program and the frequency of the activities included in RAMA’s general program.

- Residency with studio and without accommodation, which includes the full Residency program and the frequency of the activities included in RAMA’s general program.

The Residency program provides a specialized and immersive work environment, accompanies and advertizes the work developed by the creators and researchers during their stay in the residency, involving them with the local culture and community, and the contemporary artistic context.

The Artistic Residency lasts from 1 to 4 months or for longer periods depending on the nature of the applicants' projects.

The Program includes::

  • Personalized mentoring and consultancy for each project by RAMA director, artist Paulo Brighenti, with guest curator João Silvério.
  • mentorships and studio visits, discussion and support to the work done in the studios, by artists, researchers and curators invited to each Residency.
  • Exhibitions and artists’ studios visits and participation in meetings, lectures and other initiatives organized by RAMA.
  • Visits to local points of interest, in order to discover the region’s material and intangible heritage.
  • Publication of Artists in Residence's and Guest Artists’ projects on RAMA’s website, with interviews, documentation about the work and other activities organized by the artists themselves.

RAMA supports applicants who, being accepted at the Residency, may apply for funding or scholarships.


Program fees:

Residency Program with Studio, Accommodation and participation at RAMA’s activities: 700 € / month

Residency Program, with Studio and participation at RAMA activities: 350 € / month