Elsie Phipps

2011- 2012, MA History of Art & Archaeology; School of Oriental and African Studies, London [Courses: ‘The Indian Temple’, ‘Asia and Africa on Display’, Dissertation: ‘Deconstructing Outsider Art’] 2005- 2008 BA Hons Painting; Camberwell College of Arts, London.


Annual open 34 CPG, London (2018), ’Nostalgia’, Art Number 23, Bermondsy (2018), ’Pow Pow Power’, V3 London (2017), ‘Circle of the Same’, Anteros Arts, Norwich (2016) ‘Platform for Emerging Arts 9’ Leyden Gallery, Spitalfields (2016), ’Recent works and paintings’ (solo show), Mercer Chance gallery Hoxton (2015), ’Artists Books’, Orleans House Gallery (2014), ‘Traces in Time’ (solo show) Platform 1 Gallery, Wandsworth Common (2014), White Paintings’ (solo show) 13A, Norwich (2014), ‘In Between’, Sueli Turner gallery, Mile End, (2010).

Previous work as a gardener’s assistant and studying gardening has influenced the direction of my painting in recent years.

Since the pandemic, being outside became increasingly important in a period of anxiety which manifested physically. I left London and spent time in the countryside where I grew up and then decided to move to Portugal. As a result I have been doing more drawing and working on paper and would I like to develop these studies in relation to artists I’ve encountered since coming here in a studio setting.

I am currently working with some photographs of the Aqueduto das Águas Livres taken by Diogo Saldanha because I think they convey something special, almost sacred about the hidden insides of these structures built for no grandiose purpose but to transport water through the landscape. There is something bodily about how the architecture moves water which sustains life and I would like to use this to explore how we in turn connect to the landscape.