Artistic Residency


Applicants will be selected by a jury composed by RAMA's coordinator, artist Paulo Brighenti and curator João Silvério.

In the application, will be considered the quality of the candidate's work and the proposal submitted to the Residency, as well as innovation and artistic experimentation regarding to the general program of RAMA, on topics such as history, territory, material and immaterial heritage of the region , the community, sustainability, ecology and the balance between systems.

The Program lasts from 1 to 4 months or for longer periods depending on the nature of the applicants' projects.

We accept applications from artists working with the most diverse media, wishing to develop their research in the context provided by RAMA and to establish contacts with Portuguese and international artistic and scientific circles.

RAMA's program aims to follow, support and publicize the work and research developed by the creators and researchers during their stay in the Residency, involving them with the local culture and reality, fulfilling RAMA's general aims.

Applicants should complete the following information:

About the applicant:

- Name / Date of Birth / ID or Passport / Nationality / Address / Country / E-mail / Telephone.

- Short CV / 10 images of the work / website or other complementary information considered useful by the applicant.

About the application

- Name of the project / If it is individual or collective / Letter of intentions not exceeding one thousand characters / The application may be accompanied by images, videos, links or other information that the candidate considers useful.

- The applicant must indicate the period wanted for the Residency program, start and end dates, which should coincide with the beginning and end of each month / Indicate specific technical or other needs in order to develop the work during the program.

-The applicant shall mention if he/she needs accommodation, and if he/she needs a recommendation letter or certificate aimed at financing or other support.

Please e-mail us at 


RAMA pledges to answer to candidates within 10 working days.

In case there is no availability for the chosen dates, the application will be considered anyway and it will be scheduled, by mutual agreement, to other dates.

Following to appraisal and acceptance of the application, an online interview will be done, to meet the candidate, clarify any doubts and organize his / her working program adapted to the submitted proposal.

The RAMA team does everything possible to support candidates to develop their working program and to achieve their goals.

RAMA provides support to candidates who, being accepted into the Residency, seek funding or scholarships.

To submit applications for scholarships or financing, RAMA issues a Declaration of Acceptance at the Residency.

At the end of the Artistic Residency, RAMA issues a certificate of attendance.

Terms and conditions

The artists who are welcomed into the RAMA Art Residencies are committed to their social and financial responsibilities, in their relationship with the RAMA team, with the community of artists and researchers who attend it, with the local community, with the village, with the nature of the region and with the common and individual spaces of RAMA.

After being accepted and, in order to guarantee his participation in the residencies, the artist must do an initial deposit of 30% of the first monthly fee. The rest of the payment must be made until the 25th of each month.

If the applicant cancels his/her participation, the deposit is non-refundable. The deposit can be guaranteed for the next time the artist wants or can come, he/she will just need to send an email with a new availability date to attend the Artistic Residency program. In case of justified cancellation for extenuating circunstances, the refund is made in full.

Given the current situation caused by COVID-19, the dates of the Residencies may change, and RAMA will not be responsible for that.

Cancellations can be made up to 45 days before the Residency starts.

RAMA's working hours are from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, Monday to Friday, unless otherwise agreed. 

O residente é responsável por eventuais  acidentes de trabalho  e  respectivas despesas médicas e hospitalares que possam ocorrer durante o período da Residência.

The artist is responsible for theft or material damage and to third parties, caused by his/her activity.

At the beginning of the Residency, the artists will need to pay a deposit fee of 50 €, which will be used to pay possible losses or damages caused to the equipment and spaces of the Accommodation and Studios, which will be returned at the end, in case there is no loss or damage.

Smoking is not allowed inside RAMA's spaces.

In the event of violation of the Accommodation and Studio rules, or any disturbance caused by inappropriate behavior, RAMA reserves the right to cancel the Residency and stop providing services to the resident.

When welcomed at the Residency, the resident receives the studios, house and alarm control keys, which must be returned at the end of the Residency Program.

At the beginning of the residency, the artist must sign a Responsibility Agreement, in which he/she declares that is aware and accepts the RAMA rules.