Patrick Hicks


My name is Patrick Hicks, and I am a multi-facet artist based in Los Angeles, California. As captivating as my eclectic interests, I am music executive at a major music company by day, and DJ by night. My life is a symphony of beats and rhythms. Seeking an escape from the daily grind, I discovered ceramics, a passion that emerged suddenly but consumed me completely, offering solace from stress and anxiety while igniting a vibrant new creative expression. What started as a personal retreat soon blossomed into a shared experience, as I found myself part of a thriving ceramics community, proving that sometimes, the most unexpected passions can lead to the most profound discoveries.

I often wonder what my journey would be like if ceramics hadn’t entered my universe. What would my life look like? How would l foster my other creative outlets? How would I see the world without this lens? As I ponder these questions I believe it goes back to my innate ability to feel and impact. I want to do and create things that invoke emotion and feelings. I’ve had a lifetime of experiences in a short amount of time, but the underline to all of it is feeling. The feeling of fulling the wildest dreams.

Ceramics found me, and I am forever grateful for that so I’m leaned in 1000%. I want to continue to grow and explore my ceramics journey, but at the intersection of where ceramics and music meet. I believe that an artist residency can help not only technically complete a task, but work alongside others to learn perspectives and skills that can influence my work. I want to give in to what I don’t know and live, breath, and eat my craft through a program that will allow me to.