Meg Neil



Northern Arizona University
BA in Graphic Design, Psychology Minor 2018-2022

I had the opportunity to explore my love for art when I studied graphic design in university and have been exploring various mediums ever since. I am a multidisciplinary artist, currently really inspired by acrylics, poetry, and pastels. Professionally, I have worked graphic design gigs on and off for the past four years, creating marketing materials, album and podcast covers, and branding work. As I move towards creating more analog, I would love to spend more time in creative community.

Living in Portland last year, I had the opportunity to work at The Craft Factory and run open mic events for adults as well as art events for children in the area. In the future, I would really love to explore working one-on-one in the healing arts joined with my passion for mindfulness and yogic philosophy of wellbeing.

I am an expressionist of many forms and love to paint and be in creative community. I love to create abstract, nature-inspired works that encapsulate beautiful and imperfect moments of time. This year, my main project is But A Vessel: On Waking Up. This body of work was birthed by my experience navigating dissociative identity disorder and is a greater statement on holding space for healing and expanding beyond this physical body. As I am traveling, I am currently working on my poetry zine, concepting, and shooting video. My final goal is a visual art exhibition to be shown in October in Portland at Lolo Pass. With interactive features, my hope is for the viewer to feel mirrored and inspired by the works.

I love the feeling of when something rises through me subtly to the surface, like remembering something I once forgot— in my words, in my body, in my gesture as I bring a pen across the page. But more than anything, I love to stare. At the contours of shadows and light hitting the wall, morphing and breathing. At the subtle movements of nature in its stillness. At the sky bleeding between leaves, buildings, and electrical wires. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than to express that simple and ephemeral beauty as it is reflected back to me. This mirror bends and gives way to so much discovery and unearthing.