Anastasia Solokova

Russian Federation, 1997

Parallel with my bachelor’s degree (2015-2019) and Master’s degree (2019-2021) in classical philology, I was engaged in project work in order to gain experience both in the creative field and acquire the necessary skills for an artist: graphic design, book illustration, application design. Now I work as a mixed-media artist. For the last two years, since graduating from university, my main occupation has been working on the graphic novel about Narcissus and Echo, fragments of which can be found in my portfolio, and which will be published in the coming year.

Over the past few years, I have managed to find the topics and materials that interest me: I am fascinated by the interaction and harmony of the artist and the environment in which he is located. I am interested in exploring color and its effect on a person, the tension, the dimension that it is able to create. Of the materials, I am most interested in paper, liners and paints, I also draw digital.